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Are you tired of throwing away your BAH on rent?

Are you confused about your VA home loan benefit?

Are you ready to grow your financial wealth?

Welcome to this one of a kind real estate website! This site is geared toward active duty service members, military retirees and their families who are looking to buy or sell their homes in San Diego, CA and are searching for the right place that caters to their needs.

Our Mission:

To empower Veterans to become homeowners using their VA home loan benefit!

I believe…the Home buying process for veterans should be quick, easy and stress free.

I believe… Veterans have earned the right to use their VA home loan benefit

I believe…In educating the veteran about their VA home loan benefit

I believe…In working with veterans looking to build their wealth

I believe…Veterans should stop throwing away their BAH on rent

I believe…Veterans should work with real estate professionals that are experienced with the VA home buying process

Do you want to work with me? Let’s do business together!

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We serve all branches of the military whether you’re Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. We even have experience in dealing with border patrol and prison workers.  The site will address relevant information pertaining to home buying, selling, financing and mortgage relief options. We do not at this time have the ability to help those looking for rental properties but we encourage all our users to compare the option of buying vs. renting to see which one makes more sense.

We’ve gathered all the key information you will need to satisfy your off base housing needs based on our years of working with the military community.


Homebuyers – Got orders to San Diego now what?

Prior to visiting our site, you’ve probably spent hours on the internet searching for information related to homes for sale in the San Diego area. By hiring me, I can save you lots of time by setting you up with your own personal website to receive live daily listing alerts on homes that meet your criteria. Both the active duty member and spouse can each be signed up to receive alerts. It doesn’t matter whether either party is stationed overseas or in the US. Either party can review the website at leisure and leave shared comments. No more time wasted on scrolling through listings that are overpriced or too small.

I’ve worked with homebuyers from around the country who receive orders to San Diego and are ready to start the process from as early as 6 months out. I usually suggest out of area buyers plan a house hunting trip a few months before PCSing to check out the area and submit offers on homes. The objective is to relocate to San Diego and move right in to the newly purchased home.

LORRAINE’S EXPERT TIP: Stay at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites – Coronado because it’s located on the beach. You’ll love it!!! Just remember to book early and tell the receptionist that you’re visiting on house hunting leave. The hotel gets filled quickly.

NAS Coronado has a commissary, exchange, eateries, movie theatre, church and bowling alley.

Financing – How do you get preapproved for a mortgage loan?

Getting a loan peapproval is the single most important step in the homebuying process. The lender or mortgage specialist will gather your total personal earnings, credit score and debt to determine your preapproved loan amount. If there are any potential credit challenges this will be discovered upfront.  I suggest getting preapproved by several lenders starting with the ones you normally bank with. If you don’t have a lender, our office has a list of recommended mortgage lenders that have years of experience working with VA loans, provide excellent customer service and can get the loans closed.

LORRAINE’S EXPERT TIP : The popular military financial institutions that you hear advertising on the radio are not always the best option for military members and provide the service you deserve. Don’t be lured in by feelings of loyalty and cheap discount offers. You owe it to yourself to check out your options. A house is a major purchase and you should work with someone who has your best interest and takes the time to walk you through the process.

Get preapproved for a VA loan now!

An Essential Guide to Maximizing Your Home Loan Benefits

An Essential Guide to Maximizing Your Home Loan Benefits

VA Loan Benefit

The military homebuyer is the only individual today that can buy a home with no money down. This is an elite perk and should be cherished. Nowadays, the average mortgage lender can pull the service member’s VA eligibility certificate in a matter of minutes instead of the old way of sending off for it in the mail.

While this is a great privilege, the VA benefit was not always welcomed in the San Diego housing market until about 7 years ago. Sellers didn’t want to accept an offer from a potential VA homebuyer. Slowly, the bad reputation surrounding the VA benefit has been lifted as guidelines changed and the word got out that the process was no more difficult than other popular financing.

LORRAINE’S EXPERT TiP: If you qualify to purchase a condo in San Diego using your VA benefit, you will need to check whether the condo is VA approved. I always check this upfront to save my buyers time and heartache. Not many real estate agents in San Diego have the experience to check this information and get it right.

Need to sell your home?
When I meet with sellers I have to evaluate whether the home has equity or not. If there is no equity I will discuss all the the non-equity options including a short sale.

Short Sale and Active Duty Military

Recent mortgage servicer guidelines for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac loans offer relief for military homeowners who have Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders and are upside down on their mortgages. Military homeowners can sell their home as a short sale without going into default. The PCS move is considered a hardship. More legislation to help relieve the burden of active duty men and women while relocating on orders is pending.

If you’re a serving in the military and thinking of doing a short sale, give us a call at 619-248-5484 and our military short sale team will help you. submit a free consultation request on line

I am a certified short sale specialist and will walk the homeowner through the process to help prevent the possibility of a foreclosure.

Before considering a short sale or foreclosure, I help the seller carefully evaluate all their mortgage relief options.

The marketing campaign is important in selling a home. Just sticking a yard sign in front of a home is not good enough. I use top notch internet marketing tools to market my listings with built in tracking to show homeowners the number of people that viewed the property online. Studies show that over 92% of homebuyers start their home search on the internet.

Military divorce and Short sale

The divorce rate for military familes nationwide in  2011 was the highest it had been since 1999 with almost 30,000 marriages ending in divorce. If you are going through a divorce and need to sell your home as a short sale, it is highly recommended to work with a realtor who has experience helping military families in this situation. Having the wrong agent can add challenges to an already difficult circumstance. I have both the background and experience to help military familes short sale their homes while going through a divorce.

Military and bankruptcy

Military members are expected to be in good financial standing. However, bankruptcy is an option that service men and women can consider as a last resort if they cannot afford to meet their financial obligations. It is highly encouraged that you seek the advice of an attorney and weigh the ramifications, if any on your military career before filing for bankruptcy. My office works with bankruptcy attorneys and can offer a referral.