VA Loan Advantage for San Diego Military home buyers

VA Loan Advantage for San Diego Military home buyers – It’s becoming very clear in the current San Diego housing market that VA buyers have an enormous benefit when it comes to financing.

Veterans who are eligible for a VA loan are able to receive mortgage financing with zero down. Not having to save for a down payment and pay mortgage insurance makes it good fiscal sense to buy rather than rent. Factor in low housing prices plus record low interest rates and VA buyers have an amazing opportunity for home ownership. What a difference a few years make when it was the complete opposite before the housing market collapse.

It’s important to know that while getting a VA loan is a wonderful benefit for our men and women that have served our country, to maximize it’s privilege would be to shop around for the lender that offers great service and best rates. Contrary to popular belief USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union don’t necessarily come out on top in these two key areas. Both are big financial institutions that offer attractive mortgage programs on the surface but lack the ability to offer personal service, on time closing guarantees and cheaper fees. This can be a major difference if the VA buyer is under a time restraint and wants to work with an agent that can get them the best deal.

Here’s an example of how a VA loan can make a difference for the military home buyer on payments and decide whether to buy or rent.

This San Carlos 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo offered at $295,000 is broken down into various mortgage financing options. The VA payment is highlighted and shows the major comparison. 

Check on the availability of this listing and search other San Diego homes for sale

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