Why Buying Instead of Renting Still Makes Sense For a Military Family In San Diego

Why Buying Instead of Renting Still Makes Sense For A Military Family in San Diego, Ca 619-200-3633. http://www.bestchulavistahomefinder.com .

On Tuesday, I was fortunate to give another military family keys to their brand new home. It was an exciting moment and one they’ll never forget.  As a San Diego military relocation specialist, I’m sharing this with you for a number of reasons.

*The active duty member has over 20 years of service and never purchased a home until now.

* When asked if there is anything he’d do different, he said, “I should have stopped renting and purchased a house a long time ago.”

* He purchased the home with a VA loan at an excellent rate, 30 year fixed and no mortgage insurance. VA loans are becoming more popular in CA. A great member benefit.

* He received up to 6 % of the purchase price in incentives to pay for closing costs, two years prepaid HOA and interest rate buydown.

* He was able to purchase the home with virtually no money down and obtain a mortgage payment just a little more than what he’d pay in rent.

* It was a fabulous deal and he was able to take advantage of the great buyer’s market in San Diego.

As I helped celebrate the event with them, it reminded me of why I enjoy doing my job. To help military families buy or sell homes in San Diego by providing world class service. Congrats to the happy new “Home Owners.”!

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