Got Military PCS Orders to San Diego? – Buy a home!

Got Military Orders to San Diego? – Buy a home! Opportunity is knocking. In 1981, it took 36% of the average family’s budget to buy a home. Now it takes less than 15%. If you’re interested in buying, it looks like history is on your side. Research tells us that real estate may very well be at it’s most affordable level RIGHT NOW.

For more reasons to take advantage of the market RIGHT NOW, consider the top 10 reasons people buy a home:

1. They don’t want to deal with a landlord
2. They want to live the American dream
3. They are tired of noisy neighbors
4. They don’t want to deal with deposits
5. They want to make upgrades
6. They want more space
7. They want to decorate and make upgrades
8. Their hobbies make renting a bad idea
9. They don’t want to pay extra for pets
10. They don’t want to throw money away

Rent vs Buy

Is the thought of paying a mortgage keeping you from owning a home? If so, keep in mind that if you’re renting you ARE paying a mortgage. It just happens to be your landlord’s and not yours. Which means you’re
building up your landlord’s equity every time you pay your rent. Want to do yourself a favor? Look into the financial options of renting vs buying with a real estate professional. Our office has a team of experts that can help.

Need to get preapproved for  a VA loan?

It’s important to not just get preapproved for a VA loan but to understand the benefit, how it works, the comparison with other loan options and why 40% of all loans issued in San Diego each month are VA. Our team of experts will help you with a referral and highly recommend you reading our blog on “Not so fast Navy Federal Credit Union” before getting preapproved with a lender.

Click here to get started on your path to home ownership!

Lorraine Santirosa is a real estate agent that advocates passionately on behalf of military buyers and sellers in San Diego. “No one works harder than Lorraine for military families”

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    • Lorraine says:

      Hi There,
      Yes, you can so long as there is credit given to me. My twitter handle is @BuySanDiegoHome
      Thanks and good luck with your blog.

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