Help Me To Amend The VA Appraisal Guidelines

Help Me To Amend The VA Appraisal Guidelines -Our Veterans fight for us, you should fight for them.

There comes a time when you say, “Enough is Enough.” I was determined to do whatever it takes to change the VA Appraisal guidelines so that our veterans would not have their dream of home ownership shattered any longer.

Help Military Families – Amend VA Appraisal Guidelines

Before picking up the phone and calling my local Congressman’s office, I was going about the task of helping military families buy or sell their homes here in San Diego. When, right around the Christmas holiday, I was in the middle of an escrow that was set to close but got derailed by a low VA appraisal. The seller wouldn’t lower the price, the buyer didn’t have the funds to make up the difference and the deal fell apart. The military family that got caught up in this debacle, had waited 17 days for the report only to end up with NO place to live and their household goods sitting on a truck.

The VA appraiser knew that the family purchasing the home was relocating from out of state, was trying to move in over the christmas holiday while spouse was on leave and was on a time sensitive deadline. None of this seemed to matter to the VA appraiser who admitted to being overworked and intentionally used up every bit of the 10 business day plus two additional days provided in the guidelines.

Why are VA appraisers given 10 business days to complete their reports when other appraisers have far less?

Seeing the hardship imposed on my military home buyers both financially and emotionally, I felt compelled to do something. This scenario had happened to my clients once to many times before. It is important  to make those in position of power aware of the hurdles veterans face when they attempt to purchase a home with a VA loan, which is an enormous benefit offered to our veterans.

As a former Navy spouse, I believe that our vets fight for us so you should fight for them. Please join me in asking the US House Committee on Veterans Affairs to amend the VA appraisal Guidelines by signing the petition below.


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