Homes for sale near San Diego Naval Base

Homes for sale near San Diego Naval Base -Finding the proper home to suit your individual or family needs can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. Prices may fluctuate, there may be inherent problems within the structure of the building, and it may be impossible to find a suitable home at the specific location of your choice.

If you are a military home buyer who is pursuing a settlement near the San Diego Naval Base, then you should work with an experienced military Realtor who has worked with multiple veterans and serviceman.

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The close proximity of the home listings will make the distance more convenient and provide for a comfortable living environment. In addition, you will be surrounded by a higher density of military veterans who understand your lifestyle and could lead to new connections.

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Homes may also be financed with a VA home loan. If a home is financed with this particular type of loan then it cannot be sold as a private sale when there is a lack of equity to pay off the loan. However, a short sale or compromised claim is allowed. Some important facts to keep in mind about a compromised claim or short sale. The sale price must be approximately the same as the current market value of the property and the VA borrower cannot directly benefit from the proceeds of the sale. If proceeds from the sale along with the loan payment cannot pay off the entire debt, then the lender must waive a portion of the loan and absorb losses.

Much of this may be overwhelming for a first time buyer. Ease the complications and work with an experience military realtor who has helped many other veterans finding the right home near the San Diego Naval Base.

Santirosa is a San Diego realtor that helps military families buy or
sell their homes. Lorraine is a strong advocate of military families and
has extensive experience working with first time VA home buyers. As a
result, Lorraine is fondly known as the “VA Queen”. Call 619-248-5484 or visit Http://


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I’ve done my research – Search the Top FIVE areas that San Diego Military families purchase homes



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We serve all branches of the military whether you’re Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. We even have experience in dealing with border patrol and prison workers. The site will address relevant information pertaining to home buying, selling, financing and mortgage relief options. We do not at this time have the ability to help those looking for rental properties but we encourage all our users to compare the option of buying vs. renting to see which one makes more sense.

We’ve gathered all the key information you will need to satisfy your off base housing needs based on our years of working with the military community
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