Military Sellers – What Do They Want?

Military Sellers – What Do They Want? – Moving or PCS-ing as it’s commonly called is a normal and expected part of military life. Having to uproot a family every two or three years does bring about it’s own challenges. When it comes to selling a home, service members are not that different from their civilian counterparts.

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What military sellers want:

1. A quick sale at the right price – This is true for most sellers as they usually expect a quick sale at a price that is acceptable to them depending on the market conditions. However, for the military family they are motivated by time because they moving on a specific time frame based on orders. The pressure is on to get to the new duty station and check in by the deadline. Military sellers tend to not have the time to wait for the right offer to come along or wait for the market to go up to cash out with more proceeds from the sale. A quick sale at the right price for a military seller usually means being motivated to sell for the best price that will hopefully be enough to break even.

2,  Enough net sale proceeds for the next home purchase – Because time is of the essence for the military family moving on orders, receiving enough net sale proceeds to buy another home is important. Losing money during a sale and purchase is not the ideal situation for anyone. A home is usually seen as an investment and military families on limited incomes don’t have enough financial security to take many risks.  It’s important for military families to work with a real estate professional to do a proper home evaluation and know the true value of their home or call 619-248-5484.

3. No need to bring cash to the closing table – Coming out of pocket for closing costs can put a financial hardship on most military families who don’t have the resources. Having enough equity to complete the sale of the home without bringing cash to closing is the best scenario for a military seller.

4. Door-to-door move – The ideal move for a military seller is to close on the current home, move right into the new house without the need for temporary housing or leaving the spouse behind until the home sells.

In the military and moving on PCS orders?

Don’t move without contacting us! Our office is very experienced in helping active duty military of all branches sell their homes during a relocation or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Our staff has over 20 years experience in knowing first hand the challenges of moving from one duty station to the next. Give us a call for a FREE evaluation or consultation at 619-248-5484 or complete the “What is my home worth” form

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About the author: Lorraine Sanitrosa is a former Navy spouse that specializes in helping military families buy and sell homes in San Diego, CA. She tirelessly advocates for veteran and military housing issues to help improve the real estate experience. Lorraine has already proven she can petition the Veterans Administration to change the VA appraisal guidelines to help military buyers meet their closing deadlines in the Phoenix region which includes San Diego. It’s important to work with a Realtor that has experience working with VA homebuyers and sellers. Speak with Lorraine today and get the service you deserve at 619-248-5484.



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