San Diego VApro Agent Helping Veteran’s Achieve The American Dream

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San Diego VApro Agent Helping Veteran’s Achieve The American Dream -Lorraine Santirosa is taking her expertise in Real Estate and VA Purchasing to serve those who serve us, our Veterans. As a VApro designated agent, Lorraine has the inside knowledge and expertise to get VA purchases closed and to help Veteran’s use the benefits they may not even know they have.

Not enough Veterans are taking advantage of their VA loan benefit. Research shows there are over 22 Million Veterans in the U.S. and only 1.65 Million VA loans.

There’s a huge gap between Veteran’s who have this home buying benefit and those who use it. Less than 10% of Veterans are using their amazing VA loan benefit in part because there is a lack of knowledge and commitment to service them.

With 17,800,000 Google results and 650 pages in the VA loan guideline, most Veterans don’t have the time to learn everything about using their VA loan benefit.  As a VApro designated Real Estate Agent, Lorraine Santirosa is dedicated to using
her expertise to serve our Veteran’s and to help them get the most out of this underutilized home buying benefit. As a pioneer in receiving the very distinguished VApro designation, Lorraine will be providing the education and leadership our Veterans deserve to help them achieve the American Dream.


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