VA approved condos in San Diego, CA

VA approved condos in San Diego, CA – If you’re a veteran or active duty member looking to purchase a condo it’s important to know that the condominium needs to be VA approved before a Veteran can buy it.

This applies to the entire complex, not just a single unit. There are no longer VA spot approvals given.

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I get asked all the time from Veterans why does the VA make this a requirement when it can restrict the number of condos available for purchase using the VA loan benefit? The answer is simple. The approval is more about ensuring long term stability and that the legal righs of the homeowner is protected.  The approval process focuses on the condominium’s CC&Rs, Bylaws and budgets not the appraisal standards or building codes.

The VA wants to ensure the Veteran is set up for long term success so the VA looks for projects that have the organizational structure, rules and budgets in place to achieve this. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there were even issues of condos not being completed.

How to determine if a condo in San Diego is VA approved?

The only place to search the list of all VA approved condos in San Diego is to visit the online site for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  You don’t need a password or special access. All lenders, real estate agents, and Veterans search this VA database. It currently is:

For best results, work with a professional

Looking up the approval for a condominium can be tricky and not as straightforward as it looks. A trained professional with experience can do a thorough search and save you lots of time. You don’t want to spend time house hunting, fall in love with a property only to find out later that it’s not VA approved.

Lorraine Santirosa is a real estate agent in San Diego that helps military families with their home buying needs. No other agent advocates more strongly on behalf of military families. Lorraine is fondly known as the “VA Queen”. Call 619-248-5484 for a free first time home buyer consultation or visit Https://www/

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