Veteran Misconceptions about VA home loans

Veteran Misconceptions about VA home loans – For millions of Veterans the VA loan has made a difference in their lives. It allows eligible Veterans and active-duty service members with lower incomes and less than perfect credit to become responsible homeowners.

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However, many veterans share that little information is provided to them about the VA Home Loan Guarantee during their active duty career. This may partially explain why only 10% of Veterans are currently using their eligibility. A combination of the following two factors may offer the other reasons why so few Veterans are taking advantage of their home loan benefits:

1. The VA does not have access to educate Veterans on the program which is left to the Dept. of Defense.

2. The Real estate industry has been slow to educate both the professionals that service Veterans and the Veteran clients that need help with their real estate needs. There’s also confusion in the mortgage lending industry in knowing the guidelines for the VA Lender’s Handbook versus the overlays of the banks.

So what does a military person really think about the VA Home loan since only 10 % are using the benefit and there is a lack of proper education? Here are some common misconceptions:

1. I heard about it but never understood what it was about.

2. I was never told about my VA benefit.

3. I didn’t think I could qualify or it wasn’t available to everyone.

4. I didn’t pick up my certificate, so I didn’t think I could use my VA Loan.

5. I didn’t know where I go to get the right information

6. I used my eligibility once so I didn’t think I could use it again.

7. It’s only for Veterans and I’m still on active-duty.

8. It’s only for military on active duty and I will get out in a few years.

9. I should wait until retirement to use it.

As a real estate professional that specializes in helping Veterans and military families buy and sell homes and a member of Veteran Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) I strive to change the perception and communicate the many benefits of the VA Home Loan.

It’s important to work with a Realtor that has experience with VA home purchases.

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