Your Chula Vista Short Sale Specialist!

**Your Chula Vista Short Sale Specialist!

Call us if you’re facing foreclosure 619-248-5484

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Considering a short sale?
If you’re a homeowner facing foreclosure
there are options. It’s important to know, you are not alone. Over the
last few years, thousands of homeowners in San Diego have experienced
foreclosure and many more are struggling to stay in their homes.

Whether it’s because of divorce, job loss, death, or mortgage interest
adjustments many homeowners find themselves facing foreclosure.
While loosing your home is a difficult situation, doing nothing can cost
you more. When the bank takes back your property as a foreclosure there
are serious consequences. A foreclosure can greatly impact your credit
score for up to seven years.

Call for a free consultation to see
if a short sale is right for you 619-248-5484 or download a free short
sale packet at top of the page.

Have You been denied a loan modification?
It’s fairly common to not receive a loan modification from your lender.
That doesn’t mean you should let your home go to foreclosure and get

Call 619-248-5484 if you’ve been denied a loan modification!!!

Will a short sale cost me money – NO

There is no cost to the homeowner for my service because the lender
will pay my fees. The process currently takes about 3-6 months and we
will do everything to accomplish a successful short sale. I believe that
we have a short sale process that is unmatched in the industry. From
our initial consultation with you through and after the closing, we have
a process that delivers results and aims to eliminate potential
problems. Just give me a call and let us help reduce the stress of
loosing your home. 

Lorraine Santirosa is a Chula Vista short sale specialist that works diligently to help homeowners in distress.

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Download your Chula Vista Short Sale packet 

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