San Diego housing report for February 2014

San Diego housing report for February 2014. – The lack of inventory continues to be a factor in the San Diego housing market. With less homes available for sale, buyers are left to compete for what’s on the market and can often end in a bidding war. This enables the […] Read more »

Military Sellers – What Do They Want?

Military Sellers – What Do They Want? – Moving or PCS-ing as it’s commonly called is a normal and expected part of military life. Having to uproot a family every two or three years does bring about it’s own challenges. When it comes to selling a home, service members are […] Read more »

Choosing a San Diego Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is the driver of the transaction. As such, he or she will steer the transaction around common roadblocks and avoid certain pitfalls. That is, if you choose the right agent. What happens if you don’t? Several things: Your house may not be priced properly. Your house […] Read more »

What’s my Chula Vista home worth? I’m moving on military orders

If you are still wondering “What’s my house worth” you should check with an experienced realtor. The estimated average value of homes in Chula Vista at the end of 2012 was about $ 323,900, but it is, once again, average price. A house that has 1500sqft is average priced at approximately […] Read more »

Property Values in Chula Vista, CA

PROPERTY VALUES IN CHULA VISTA, CA – Have you ever wondered “What’s my house worth?” Chula Vista, CA is a beautiful town in San Diego’s county. It offers good conditions to both singles, families and military. Here you will find information on property values in Chula Vista but also about […] Read more »

Home prices in Winding Walk Chula Vista, CA

Call Lorraine Santirosa at 619-248-5484. CHULA VISTA SHORT SALE SPECIALIST. Home prices in Winding Walk Chula Vista, CA have seen a sharp rise following a brief decline last month. The sudden listing price increase in September was likely stemming from the record low housing inventory that set off intense […] Read more »